Most homeowners agree that regular home maintenance tasks or repairs are hugely important. Superficial tasks such as landscaping, cleaning, and repainting the house, as well as more internal jobs like repairing roofing or having the chimney cleaned, are often regarded as vital to the health of the building, as well as maintaining your personal happiness. Often ignored, however, is the pipelines – at least until you have an emergency on your hands.

If you live in the Cleveland area and your pipelines has been without a service for over a year, it’s time to schedule a drain cleaning with Drain Cleaning Solutions!

What Drain Cleaning Does

Our sewer jetting process not only removes clogs, but cleans the pipe itself, restoring its effectiveness and leaving you with almost-new-again pipes. A hot jet of highly pressurized water is forced into the pipe, breaking up tough debris such as tree roots and stripping away built-up kitchen grease, which can clog the pipe similarly to cholesterol in an artery.

Our experts suggest getting an annual spring cleaning of your pipes, as long as outdoor temperatures permit soil to be soft.

Keep Your Pipes Healthy

There are a number of ways to be proactive at home to prevent damage and costly repairs, as well as prolong the life of your pipes:

1. Only water and human waste should go into your pipes. Never dispose of wet wipes, feminine products, food, kitchen grease, or other items into your kitchen or bathroom drains. Some items (looking at you, wet wipes) are sometimes labeled as “drain safe,” but often don’t break down quickly enough, and cause a clog.

2. Stop it before it starts. Get a hair trap for your shower or bathtub and a food trap for your kitchen sink to prevent future clogs.

3. Avoid commercial drain cleaners. While liquid cleaners sold over the counter seem like a cheap, easy way to avoid calling a plumber, don’t even think about it! Liquid drain cleaner is highly toxic, and particularly if stored in the home poses a serious safety risk to children and pets. It’s also easy for these caustic chemicals to seep into groundwater, poisoning your drinking water as well as harming waterways and wildlife.

These products ostensibly work by partially breaking down a clog enough to be washed away. In reality, though a potent chemical, they usually aren’t able to shift the clog. Additionally, they aren’t suitable for all types of clogs – tree roots, for example, won’t bat a metaphorical eye at even multiple bottles of liquid cleaner.

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