It’s difficult when you must endure stopped up drains while you are taking a shower. You end up standing in a pool of dirty bathwater and have clean up after you step out of the tub. Stop taking multiple baths due to clogged up drains in your bathroom. There is a better solution out there from your local plumbing experts at Drain Cleaning Solutions in Parma, Ohio.

The good news is that even if you have a terrible drain that leads to dirty water, you can take care of the problem before it gets any worse, like the dirty drain issues in our bordering state of Kentucky that occurred during the 2013 flood.

Heavy Rains Cause Sewer Issues

In the community of Peaselburg located in the town of Covington, KY, flooding that occurred in 2013 went from bad to worse when a sewer overflowed into the streets and started to make its way into local homes. The reason for the sewage issue was due to storm drains in the city overflowing. The wastewater from local homes goes into the same drain system that captures rainwater. And the flood caused there to be a major overflow that took several days to cleanup.

Sanitation District 1 oversees the combined storm drain and sewer system state that they must minimize the overflow by a federal court order due to the regulations set forth by the Clean Water Act. The district asked for a 15-percent rate increase to comply with the changes, however the country judge refused to increase their budget.

How DCS in Ohio Can Help with Your Dirty Drains

We can all end up with dirty drains in our plumbing or sewer system. Various circumstances lead to these issues such as grease in the line causing a clog, hair or other obstructions building up in your lines, or an exterior problem such as a tree growing into the line, allowing dirt and other debris to get inside. It can happen to any homeowner regardless of how clean you keep your tub or sink. Your best option when you notice dirty drains in your home is to get in touch with a reliable drain cleaning provider like the experts at Drain Cleaning Solutions.

You may not think too much about keeping your drains clean, but they are a vital part of your plumbing system and should receive maintenance the same as every other factor. While there are some products sold at your local store, they may or may not solve your problem. And pouring harmful chemicals down your drains could be dangerous.

Contact Drain Cleaning Solutions for More Details

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