We all love Lake Erie for the beautiful beaches or boating and fishing. Part of that enjoyment is the idea that the water is clean and free of pollutants. Did you know that most homes in North Olmsted have two separate systems to dispose of water? One is your sanitary sewer that disposes of the water related to your house drains such as your toilets and sinks. The other is for your storm sewer, where water runs from your roof to your gutters or around your house in the drain tiles. These two separate systems are designed this way to allow for a more efficient drainage system for the community. The sanitary system needs to be treated to ensure that pollutants don’t contaminate our drinking water. Now the runoff from rain does not need to be treated so we have a separate system that carries it out to our beautiful lake. Of course we need to make sure that waste water from our toilets and sinks don’t go into that system.

North Olmsted’s water department works to ensure that these systems are kept separate. They monitor and are responsible from the cleanout in your yard to the lake. They regularly do tests to ensure that systems are kept separate. The main place for concern for residents would be the lines in your home to the cleanout in your yard. This is the portion you are responsible for. The problem could like in a faulty plumbing job where the systems are hooked up improperly or it could like in a deterioration of the lines in your yard or under your house. If these systems are infiltrated by roots or just deteriorated, they could be flowing into each other. One test the city does is called a dye test, they will pour a dye into your system and then monitor the sections down the line. If they pour dye in your gutters then they should not see any dye in your sanitary sewer lines.

If they do find evidence cross contamination, they will require you to resolve the issue if it is determined to be in your home or anywhere up to the cleanout in your yard. This is where you’ll need an expert like us at DCS. We’ll identify that portion of your sewer piping that needs fixed and recommend the best solution for the job. If the issue is a root in a cracked sewer line, the best solution may be our trenchless system. This system creates a new line in the old pipe without digging up your yard, saving you time and money.

North Olmsted is currently doing this testing when problems are found but some cities such as Richmond Heights require a dye test before a property title transfer can be done. Give us a call or contact your city water department if you want to find out your cities dye testing policies.

It’s very important to keep our freshwater sources clean and the cities are doing their part by fixing or replacing the infrastructure but sometimes it will fall back on the homeowner. DCS will help you resolve your sewer problems quickly and in the most cost effective way. Call Us Today if you need help with your sewer problems in North Olmsted or the surrounding areas. We service anywhere within 50 miles of the Cleveland!

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