Ever heard of epoxy resin liners for sewer pipe repair in Parma, OH? Yes, there is such a thing. This is the new way of replacing or repairing sewer pipes without totally overhauling your lawn to get to the pipe problem.

If you are anywhere in Parma, OH then you must have heard of Drain Cleaning Solutions, a sewer service provider that provides only quality repairs and services. That’s us! We use a trenchless epoxy resin liners repair method for pipes. Now, let’s talk more about what that is and how we do it.

What are Epoxy Resin Liners?

As we may all be aware, an epoxy is often used to seal holes in furniture or even holes under the sink. It is a quick fix in most households.

Epoxy resin liners work the same way, except it isn’t just a quick fix. It is a long term fix to a sewer pipe problem. Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a permanent fix because even metals get corroded over time and they stop working the way they should.

So how do we use epoxy resin liners to fix your sewer pipe?

Before we start the repair process, we first conduct some investigations. Using a camera, we inspect your sewer line underground to ensure there are no other underlying problems. After this has been established, we go through the cleaning process.

Your sewer pipe has to be cleaned before applying the epoxy resin liners. We use an equipment called a Hydrojet. This will remove blockages and other particles that may have built up inside the pipe. Once the pipe is good and clean, we install the epoxy resin liners next.

Why is this better?

Pipes are usually corroded if they are made of iron. They get broken over time if they are made of clay. The materials that are usually used in pipes like iron and clay get buildups of dirt from drains and eventually end up with blockage problems.

This is why epoxy resin lining is better than replacing the pipes with another clay or iron material. An epoxy resin lining is smoother than a clay or iron pipe. This means no dirt can stick to its walls, preventing buildups that cause blockages from happening in the future.

What we do when we install an epoxy resin lining into the pipe is create a new pipe within the old pipe, making a second layer that prevents tree roots from actually breaking in and damaging the sewer lines. And because the new epoxy resin lined pipe has smoother walls, it can improve the flow of water and air.

When you choose to install epoxy resin linings into your existing pipes, you are giving yourself 50 years of peace of mind! Yes, that’s how long the new pipe can last. Long enough for you to enjoy the benefits of not having to worry about your sewer maintenance every month or year, or even every week, if you choose otherwise. Give Drain Cleaning Solutions a call and let us give you decades of worry-free plumbing!

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