If you are living in Parma, you probably have a copper sewer pipe installed in your home, and you know how difficult they are to maintain. These copper pipes corrode with time leading to some leakage in your home. The seepage on your bathroom wall is proof of that.

If you’re living in a high rise residential building, replacing these pipes could be very inconvenient. It won’t just cost you a lot of money, but you probably would be getting a lot of bad looks from the neighbors for all that noise. And you’ll probably be doing it another five years down the lane. And you think you have no other option.

But what if we told you we have a better and cheaper option.

How it Works

At Drain Cleaning Solutions we help Parma, Ohio residents deal with their sewer pipe repair situations in the simplest, fastest and cheapest way possible. We are able to do it by not having to dig a trench and destroy your floors in the process. Instead, we create a pipe inside the old pipe.

Step One

We begin with a camera inspection. We want to see how your sewer pipes are doing, so we can come up with a good plan to repair them. This inspection will reveal the type of problems we are dealing with. It could be as simple as a few leaks here and there, or something more complicated like a pipe collapsing or a root intrusion.

In any case, once we see it, we’ll know how to approach the next step.

Step Two

After we see inside the sewer pipe, we begin the cleanup process. We have several options here, but in short, we can hydrojet the pipe or even use a roto-drill to clear up the pipe so it’s ready for the epoxy resin liner we’ll use to repair the damaged sewer pipe.

Step Three

Parma Ohio is unique in that their pipes are really old. So the idea of renewing the sewer system so quick and easily is very appealing. Once we finish cleaning the pipe, we begin the lining lining process. Using a high-speed rotating nozzle, we spray your sewer pipes with a liquid epoxy. Once we coat the damaged sewer pipe, we use a pressurized high temperature drier so the epoxy hardens and turns into your new sewer pipe.

Benefits of Epoxy Resin Liners

  • It’s the least expensive solution to repair sewer pipes.
  • When you choose to get your sewer pipes lined with epoxy resin liners, you save your home from the destruction caused by tradition sewer replacement
  • Installing epoxy resin liners in your sewage system is less noisy than the traditional alternative of replacing the entire sewer pipe.
  • Your new epoxy pipe forms another layer inside the existing sewer pipe, preventing tree roots from getting in.
  • Your new pipe will have a life expectancy of over 50 years.

Epoxy Resin Liners are stronger than any other epoxy liners. They are designed to carry a significant amount of load. Traditional epoxy liners tend to crack under load. This makes them only suitable for residential and hotel walls and floors. If you’re using Epoxy Resin Liners, you can confidently line your entire sewer pipe system without worrying about any cracks.

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If you want to discuss Epoxy Resin Lining in Parma, OH, then call Drain Cleaning Solutions at 216-659-7582. Our team of professionals will happily answer all your questions regarding sewer pipe repair.

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