While our sewer line and pipes beneath our homes are not visible to us on a day-to-day basis, we are at least able to know what is going down those pipes every day. It seems like an easy task to just wash something down the drain or flush it away and then forget about it, but what we might not realize or care to think about at that very moment is the long-term effects this could have on our pipes’ functionality.

There are multiple spots in your home where objects can get sent down the drains and into the pipelines. The kitchen sink, toilets, shower drains, and bathroom sinks are the most common portals. So with those outlets, think of all the things that go down them. Most likely, those things are the cause of common backups, buildup, and recurring clogs in your pipes. Grease from cooking, hair from shower drains, toiletries, paper products, and food particles are among the most common clogging items. We encourage you to be cautious and be aware of the harmful items that can do damage to your pipes. But even precautionary steps still can leave you with a need to call an expert. No matter how careful you are, you should regularly have your pipes professionally cleaned to remove excess buildup, which extends the life of your pipes and prevents clogs and blockages by opening up the pipes fully for efficient water flow.

If you’re in the Cleveland area and you’re experiencing clogs, back ups, or slow drainage, give Drain Cleaning Solutions a call today. We can perform sewer camera inspections to diagnose your issues, find out if you’re due for a sewer cleaning, give an estimate on how often you need your pipes cleaned, and offer the best option to remove the current grime and buildup of waste inside the pipes.

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