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Keeping homes beautiful is definitely something that homeowners tend to take pride in. Making sure the landscaping is nice and keeping up with the latest home decor trends are all common household maintenance jobs. But a lot of us tend to forget about the functionality of our homes until something is wrong. Our pipelines are a necessity to everyday living, and drain cleanings are even more important.

Here at Drain Cleaning Solutions (DCS), we help to take care of your pipes before they become a bigger, more expensive fix for you. Getting a routine pipe cleaning is easy and stress free, avoiding the stressful emergency call because of a burst pipe or sewage backup.

One of the first steps we take in the process of preparing for proper drain cleaning is performing a sewer camera inspection. This inspection is a trenchless, no-dig step that allows us to view the inside of your pipes without accessing them externally. We send down a high-definition camera to capture photos and videos that allow us to evaluate the condition of your pipes.

Once we determine the quality of the pipes, we can recommend the best cleaning method. There are the traditional ways of snaking, but that leaves behind residue and buildup that should be washed away, so we also offer hydro jetting. This is a powerful water blasting method that exerts water at such high speeds that it cuts through dirt and grime like a knife. Nothing stands in the way of the water, not even tree roots. And the best part of it all is that it simply washes the clogs down the pipes and away, leaving no trace of foreign objects that are unwelcome in the pipes.

Pipe cleanings are critical to the life of your pipes. If you don’t tend to your pipes, the layer of grime will lead to decay and corrosion, causing your pipes to rot away. It will also save you calls to the plumber by opening up your pipes more, reducing the risk of things getting stuck and causing blockages that a professional has to come and remove.

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DCS is dedicated to ensuring that our customers get the best service that will last for as long as it should. If you are in the Independence, Ohio, area and you are in need of a drain cleaning, give us a call. We will start with a drain inspection and get you set up for the best method of cleaning.

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