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Drain Cleaning Solutions is your number one service provider for your indoor pipe repair needs in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Our expert service technicians are equipped with the best technology to repair interior water and drain lines in any home or business quickly and at an affordable price.

Your walls are filled with pipes that serve the daily needs of your family or business. Potable water lines transport drinking and washing water to the faucets throughout your home or office. Drains carry away wastewater and sewage, keeping your home clean and sanitary. While you rarely think about these important services, when one of them malfunctions, it can bring your day to a grinding halt. Often, indoor pipe failures go beyond just an inconvenience, causing damage to your walls, floors, and belongings.

When you’re dealing with a leaking pipe, you need a fast solution, and Drain Cleaning Solutions is ready to help. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can quickly repair any pipeline issue, from a simple leaky drain to a collapsed pipe. Our skilled technicians are fully trained in the best methods to solve any indoor pipe problem, big or small.

If your damaged pipe is readily accessible, such as a drain or water line that runs along the ceiling of your basement, we can easily repair or replace it with a new pipe. Our technicians carry all of the most commonly used sizes in PVC, copper, and galvanized pipe and fittings, so we can replace the pipe on the spot for immediate results.

Even if your pipe is hidden deep in your walls, we can still repair or replace it without the need to tear open large sections of your walls to expose the pipe. Our pipe lining technology takes advantage of existing access points in your pipes to introduce a specialized epoxy liner that seals the pipe from the inside out. We begin by thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the interior of the pipe to locate all the damaged areas and prepare them for the lining. A tube coated with epoxy resin is inserted into this pipe and expanded to create a cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, that effectively seals leaks and restores the pipe to optimum function. The entire process typically takes less than a day and costs less than an old-fashioned, wall-removal repair, turning your pipe repair from a major hassle into a fast, easy fix.

Pipe lining works well for both potable water lines and wastewater lines, so it’s useful in most indoor pipe repair situations. It’s also approved for resealing aging pipes to prevent lead from leaching into your drinking water supply, an important benefit for many Cleveland area residents with older homes and business facilities. The liner resists rust and corrosion, and it lasts for decades, so once you’ve relined your indoor pipes, you won’t need to think about them again for a very long time.

Drain Cleaning Solutions brings advanced indoor pipe repair technology and excellent customer service to all our clients in the Cleveland area. Call us today and allow our skilled technicians to fix the problem with excellent, contemporary repair methods.

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