Pictures are worth a thousand words. In this day and age, social media and in that same arena: pictures are overtaking society. We are bombarded by images all day long. We wake up and scroll through our Instagram. We head to work and pass 2-5 billboards along the highway. We take the elevator up to our office and stare at a poster advertising an event. We get to work and scroll through our email and delete tons of advertisements from our favorite stores. We head home and stare into our pantry at all the different labels and brands of food. We watch an episode of our favorite t.v. show on Hulu and get bombarded by advertisements of brand new t.v. shows. Falling asleep we may find it hard to keep track of all the things we should be doing, buying, eating, watching and wanting.

One thing that is 100% certain: we should be maintaining our home and in that sense having regular camera inspections done on our sewer systems. In order to keep going through the days without disruption we must maintain our safe place: the home.

How Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

Call your local plumbing company and have a specialist come out to your house and run a video line through your waste pipes. Depending on where you notice possible issues, the plumbing crew will choose a drain and snake a small and flexible camera in to assess the damage and blockages. This camera allows you to see close-up and in real-time detail.

It is necessary?

Isn’t peace of mind necessary? Sewer camera inspections mean that you don’t have to second guess plumbing problems. How far does the clog go? Is there more than one? It’s hard to say without a tiny camera to assist the plumber. Take the guessing out of plumbing. The pipes could be collecting debris and turning a mild clog into a huge clog and nobody would know until it’s too late. The camera provides valuable information that your plumber can use to supply you with a more accurate diagnosis.

Can’t a plumber estimate a plumbing problem based off of slow draining or leaking?

Can you tell the plumber exactly how old the pipes are in your home? You probably don’t know the age of your pipes because even if you moved into a house 20 years ago, chances are the pipes are older. Pipes don’t last forever and eventually they will force you to deal with the issues upfront. If you use a camera to inspect the insides of the pipes you can keep your drain lines in good shape.

Will this prevent surprises?

Have you ever accidentally dropped something down the drain where it wasn’t supposed to go? Over time pennies and many other small objects will probably make their way down your drains. Instead of waiting for a problem to happen, call your local plumbing company to have a camera inspection done to see just how clogged your drains might be getting.

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