Sewer Pipe Relining Cleveland, OH

When you call Drain Cleaning Solutions for your sewer pipe relining needs, you don’t have to spend days or weeks worrying about the damages or your budget. We can restore your pipe to working condition in as little as a day for a fraction of the cost.

Drain Cleaning Solutions can restore pipes in any Cleveland, Ohio home, including both new construction and carefully-preserved historic homes such as those in the Euclid Avenue Historic District. We also handle repairs in area retail sites, professional business parks, industrial buildings, and medical facilities, to name a few. Our sewer pipe relining technology allows us to quickly restore a drain line to complete operation with a minimum of disruption to your everyday activities thanks to our modern, no-dig trenchless technology.

Outdated sewer repair methods require digging a trench to expose the pipe, which often takes days or even weeks of excavation before the repair is complete. This creates extensive damage to foundation walls, landscaping, driveways, and hardscaping. While this is a significant issue for everyone, it particularly impacts those whose historic Cleveland property structures are irreplaceable. Our sewer pipe relining methods, however, allows us to restore damaged sewer lines without digging, keeping them underground and eliminating the noise, dirt, and debris of traditional methods.

Instead of digging out the entire pipe, we’re able to access the damaged section through existing openings built into the plumbing to clear away blockages. They can be reached with just a small hole, preserving your property, and saving you thousands in excavation costs. Once we’ve gained access to the opening, we carefully clean the pipe with our hydro jetting technology, then inspect the pipe with our sewer camera inspection system. When the pipe is prepared, we insert a specialized, flexible tube infused with epoxy resin into the pipe and extend it through the damaged areas. The tube is carefully inflated, pressing the resin onto the inside of the pipe where it adheres to the prepared surface.

Over the next 24 hours, the epoxy cures, forming a strong cured-in-place pipe that seals the damaged pipe and fully restores it to perfect condition. The liner is only one-quarter inch thick, and its slick surface improves waste flow for performance that often exceeds that of the original pipe. It’s also rustproof, corrosion-resistant, and prevents tree root intrusion, a frequent cause of severe sewer blockages and collapsed pipes. The liner lasts up to 50 years for a nearly-permanent solution that gives you peace of mind for decades. Best of all, it costs as little as 50% of a traditional dig-and-remove replacement, plus it saves you the costs to restore your damaged property after the repair is complete.

Drain Cleaning Solutions has the best sewer pipe relining solutions at the most affordable rates for every Cleveland area home and business. With our team assisting you, you no longer have to worry about leaking or clogged sewer pipes, and within a single day, the problem will be resolved and your regular routine can be restored. Call us to learn more about how we can help you.

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