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Broken sewer pipes can lead to many serious problems in a home, including backup, mold growth, and expensive water bills. Traditional sewer repair methods took several days to finish, and added property damage and disruption on top of of an already time-consuming process. Rather than relying on inefficient repair methods, call Drain Cleaning Solutions for affordable sewer repair methods that are safe and trenchless. We offer our services to all of our prospective customers in Cleveland and the surrounding areas because we believe in the importance of providing the best solutions available in the industry. With over 24 years of experience, we have the equipment and tools necessary to restore your sewer system without delay.

At Drain Cleaning Solutions, our experienced technicians can take care of your most pressing sewer problem within a day. We have moved away from using traditional methods, and with our advanced solutions, we have significantly reduced the repair times in favor of better options. Our non-invasive solutions allow our expert technicians to repair and replace broken or collapsed pipes with minimal disruption on both residential and commercial properties. In our trenchless sewer repair processes, our capable technicians take a quick look at the state of your sewer lines via an advanced camera inspection. A high-resolution camera relays important information of the problem in your system as well as the pipe materials and quality of the lines. We eliminate unnecessary reliance on guesswork because our camera sends accurate data to the monitor for our technicians to reference accordingly. Our cameras are able to accurately identify problems and ensure that our technicians determine the best solution for each situation we encounter.

Pipe lining and pipe bursting are the most common trenchless solutions. In our pipe lining process, we employ an epoxy resin to fix the pipes, installing it through a single access point. The resin is then set against the interior of the pipe, making it a versatile solution because it can be applied to repair pipes at different angles and within sharp bends. The curing process hardens the resin and makes it stick to the insides of the old pipe.

If our sewer camera inspection reveals the problematic pipe is structurally unsound, then we carry out our pipe bursting process. This trenchless solution makes use of a bursting head that's attached to a new pipeline. Two access points are created, one to allow the pipe bursting machine to be inserted and the other to allow the machine to exit through. The old pipe is broken up with the machine, and as the fragments are scattered to the soil, the new pipe is pulled into its place, allowing the installation to occur simultaneously with the bursting.

Commercial owners and residents of Cleveland can gain a lot from trenchless repairs. For one, they won't have to endure endless trench digging that can last for days, or even weeks. You'll have a new sewer line that will last for 50 years or more. The new pipe material is stronger and more resistant to common pipeline problems such as cracking, leaking, and root intrusion. The whole process is convenient as it only takes a day to repair emergency sewer issues. Moreover, the no-dig approach is environmentally sound and causes little to no damage to the surrounding location. Call Drain Cleaning Solutions to get the best method of sewer repair today!

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