Sewer Repair Independence, OH

Sewer repairs are historically associated with massive trenches and property damage, making it an undesirable investment that home and business owners often dread. But with Drain Cleaning Solutions, we provide affordable and non-invasive techniques that quickly fix your sewer lines without the destruction and digging costs. With our competitive and professional services, we have the necessary equipment and experience to repair your sewer lines.

Types of Sewer Systems That We Repair

Public Utility Sewer

For residents living in the city, public utility sewer systems are common and are connected to the small bore drain pipes that extend from the kitchen and toilets as well as the larger sewer pipe in the home. If this sewer line becomes damaged or clogged, we will be able to quickly fix it with eco-friendly methods.

Septic Tank

Homes located in rural areas and aren’t connected to a public sewer system are equipped with septic tanks in addition to their sewer pipes and other sewage features. The buildup of sludge in the septic tank exerts pressure on the liquid sewage flowing into the tank and damages the sewer pipes. At Drain Cleaning Solutions, we have sewage disposal trucks that can remove sewage and assist our customers who live outside of the city.

Sewer Repair Methods

At Drain Cleaning Solutions, we offer two different sewer repair methods for situations when the pipes need to be relined. One of these processes is called cured-in-place pipe lining, and this involves the in-situ casting of a pipe sleeve in the damaged pipe. The second process we may recommend is called pipe bursting. This method is employed when the sewer pipe is extremely damaged and entire sections need to be replaced. We burst the old pipe by inflating a new one inside of it. The new pipe is protected by the only one as well as being far more strong and durable, easily resisting corrosion and temperature changes.

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At Drain Cleaning Solutions, we offer both these sewer repair methods to all residents of Independence, Ohio. Call us today for all kinds of sewer pipe problems. We have over 30 years of experience and are equipped to handle from the simplest of drain cleaning operations to the most complex trenchless replacement of damaged sewer pipes.

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