Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Cleveland, OH

Prior to the introduction of trenchless pipe lining in the industry, fixing a broken pipeline in Cleveland was a difficult task. Heavy machinery was needed to dig through the soil and expose the pipes, and many hours were devoted to digging the trenches before the repairs could even begin. The pipe replacement process took several days to complete, requiring the water services to be cut off and completely upheaving the lives of customers.

Fortunately, at Drain Cleaning Solutions, our trenchless pipe lining solutions make it possible for us to restore your pipes without all of these inconvenient steps and processes. Trenchless technology is an all-encompassing repair solution that can be applied to residential and commercial settings in Cleveland. Sewer repair done with trenchless pipe lining cuts back on manpower costs and completion time. The whole process becomes simpler and more efficient than traditional methods. Trenchless pipe lining can be carried out while you wait at home as it only takes a few hours to be completed, and without the huge, damaging trenches.

Pipe relining forms a new pipe within the old pipe structure. First, our expert technicians carry out a sewer camera inspection, which is the only method that can provide a completely holistic and accurate diagnosis of the situation at hand. A CCTV camera is attached to a flexible line and inserted into any open access point such as kitchen drains or nearby manholes. The video feed is transmitted to a monitor in real-time. Here, our technicians determine which trenchless solution is the best for your pipeline problems, as well as decide whether a cleaning or relining is required to restore your pipes to optimal condition.

Next, we clear out the excess debris and stuck materials inside the pipes. Hydro jetting makes use of a special equipment and a nozzle that blasts pressurized water inside the diameter of your pipes. This disintegrates stubborn calcified deposits and other materials that can become trapped within the drains, paving the way for a better re-lining process and tighter fit when the resin expands inside the old pipe.

At Drain Cleaning Solutions, our capable technicians only need a small access point to begin repairs. A liner is coated with a special resin, then the contraption is inserted until it reaches the problem pipe. Our liners may be applied to a wide variety of piping material, whether it is a PVC, ABS, copper, HDPE, corrugated, clay, Orangeburg, or cast iron pipe. The process of curing starts when the liner is applied exactly where it needs to be. Hot water or steam is introduced into the sewer line, which inflates the epoxy resin to assume the inside diameter of the pipe. Structural concerns such as cracks, leaks, and holes are fixed as soon as the resin hardens. The result is a jointless, seamless pipe installed within the old sewer pipe. The new HDPE pipe is extremely resistant against common sewer issues such as cracking, leaking, calcification, temperature fluctuations and root intrusion. The capacity is increased and you can expect the new pipe to last for at least fifty years or more.

If you need our services in Cleveland, call Drain Cleaning Solutions today and schedule an appointment for trenchless pipe lining repairs. With our team of professionals, you can expect high-quality services at an affordable price.

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