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During the fall season, the trees prepare for winter, and their roots actively seek water. If sewer pipes are located near tree roots, this often results in the roots penetrating the sewer line and causing problems during the winter season. Tree roots commonly cause the sewer line to become clogged or cracked, resulting in problems such as sewer backup and slow drainage.

Routine camera inspections can help people avoid these situations, and at Drain Cleaning Solutions, we are proud to offer this vital service. A high-resolution camera is sent into the pipe to find the clog or cracks. Once this is done, the tree roots can either be flushed by hydro jetting or cut out from within. Both of these methods are non-invasive and quick to complete, ensuring that our customers will be provided with the best solution possible.

But if the roots have cracked the pipe, they will require a repair. Fortunately, we practice trenchless sewer repair techniques that don’t require digging trenches into your property and costing thousands of dollars to renovate. Our team builds a new pipe within the old one by filling it with a plastic resin. The resin hardens and cures to form a stronger, more durable pipe that prevents future tree root intrusions and promote efficient sewage flow. This method only takes a few hours or one day to complete, and the new pipe has a guaranteed lifespan of over 50 years. This eases customer’s worries of needing to repair their pipes more than once during their time in the home and instills trust and security with this product.

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