Trenchless Sewer Repair Independence, OH

Picture this: a plumber shows up at your house. Where’s the rest of the crew? Their equipment is not nearly as big and daunting as you had originally dreaded. There’s nothing as far as the eye can see that looks like it will do damage to your garden. The plumber gets started and you brace yourself for heavy and loud equipment ripping up your garden, but that never happens.

The Cost of a Sewer Repair

The repair is over within a day or two when you had planned for weeks of mishaps. The pipes are supposed to last a minimum of 50 years. Your landscaping is pristine and you don’t have a headache from heavy machinery. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Let’s go back in time to the day you noticed the pipe under your kitchen sink was leaking. A few days later there was standing water in your shower. Water was dripping from the shower head. You decided to look up a nearby plumbing company to do the repairs.

After the initial inspection, the sewer is accessed at the shallowest point. The pipe is flushed out with a hydro-jetter and any remaining debris is cleared out with a mechanical plumbing snake. A very small hole was used to access the sewer system. Your yard looks as good as it did before the work and your garden is safe.

Once the sewer line is cleared, we insert a new pipe into the system. After the sewer line is given time to cure, an inspection is performed with a sewer camera to make sure that the repair was completed properly. If all is well, service can be restored to your home, and your new sewer line can be used right away. One of the biggest advantages of trenchless sewer repair is that it can often be completed in only one day.

What Are Other Advantages?

Cost: the cost of this method is comparable to other pipe lining methods. Plumbing company’s charges can vary as per service time and technology used.

Ease: trenchless sewer repair makes the job simpler than a traditional method, which may take many days to complete.

Effective and efficient: the pipe relining is inserted underground to the damaged pipe with a machine. This lining creates a new pipe inside of the old pipe without destruction and mess in your yard. It does not affect the fence, sidewalk, driveway, cable lines, or gas line. Only small digging towards the end is required, which should not bother you at all.

Environmentally friendly: Lawns don’t need replacing and your garden remains intact.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Service

Drain Cleaning Solutions (DCS) is here to repair your sewer system. We provide high-quality repairs and are with you every step of the way. The job will be complete, satisfactory, and quality. If you’re hesitant about repairs you don’t have to worry as technology has taken over and beaten out the traditional methods.

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