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Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning services provided by DCS. Learn more about this service below.

Pipes subjected to heavy usage unavoidably get damaged over time, with drains being no different. The amount of grease and waste that goes through your drain pipes leaves a mark on them. That mark may manifest itself in many ways, none of which are very pleasant. But be it awful sewery smell or clog-related slow water draining, all of these can easily be solved by a process called drain cleaning.

Blasting the Obstacles

The first step we take in unclogging your drain is locating the source of the problem. We do it by a way of sewer video inspection; we send a small, remotely controlled sewer camera to survey your drain and see what went wrong in there. Once we’ve gathered all the information, if cleaning is what your drain pipe needs, we put our high pressure Hydro or Air Jetting pipe cleaning machine to good use.

Blasting through all the waste, our jetting machines sweep everything in their paths. Even the most stubborn of blockages are not able to withstand the 4,000 psi water bursting power. The pressure this high leaves only one thing untouched and that’s the glazing inside of your drain.

Drain Cleaning at Its Best

You may try to work it all out on your own, but bear in mind that an unprofessional pipe treatment may further complicate the issue, damage the drain, and end up costing more than you are prepared to pay. Our solution is the cost-effective one, because it is the definite, one time solution. Drain pipe cleaning saves you from further mop up business too, as the trenchless technology allows for a quick in-and-out.

Keep Your Pipes Healthy

Cleaning up your drain does not only have the obvious immediate benefit, but also adds to its preservation. Keeping them well swept, you discourage the probability of pipe decay.

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