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Drain Inspection

Professional drain inspection services provided by DCS. Learn more about this service below.

Stagnant water and sewage that is unable to flow through your pipes serves as a haven for bacteria and microorganisms to grow, creating a potent health hazard. Ensuring that the pipes continue to function and keep the waste flowing efficiently is extremely important. Drain inspections allow us to track the quality of the pipes and avoid major accidents or health issues from forming.

The Importance of Drain Inspections

Drain inspections can help find and prevent problems such as tree root penetration, and clogs, allowing us to catch the early signs of these issues and remove them accordingly. This process also allows you to save time and money by investing in preventative care of your pipes and avoid problems in the future. Finally, these inspections eliminate the guesswork of past drain repair methods, favoring precision and efficiency.

How Often Should Drains Be Inspected?

The frequency of drain inspections is influenced by many factors. For commercial or industrial buildings, regular inspections are often necessary to prevent environmental pollution, while some industrial buildings require daily inspections depending on regulations in place. In most cases, annual drain inspections work effectively, allowing us to detect and fix problems early.

The Process

Modern-day drain inspection is a fairly simple process, employing advanced digital technology to look into your drain lines. With high-definition video footage, the exact problem in your drains can quickly be found and fixed in half the time of traditional methods. Depending on the severity of our prognosis, we will recommend either hydro jetting or drain snaking to remove the clog, or if the pipe is broken, pipe relining. In any case, the processes are trenchless and quick to install, taking a few hours or a day to complete. With Drain Cleaning SOlutions, your drains will be fixed with the best tools and solutions in the industry. For more information on drain inspections and scheduling, email us or send us a call.

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