Ohio has long held its position as one of the most populated states the USA, and it also holds its place in aging infrastructure. While aboveground maintenance is carried out with reasonable regularity, it is the underground sewage system which is showing its age, and rapidly too. The simple fact is that these pipes represent the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”, not acknowledged by anyone until they make their presence felt by malfunctioning. 

Old sewage pipes are at risk of getting choked with decades of accumulated scum, or of simply breaking apart. In either case, the resultant mess is downright nasty.

To prevent the sewage pipes laid down within your home boundaries from choking, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance. With Cure In Place Piping, aka trenchless pipe repair technology, it is easy to inspect the interior of the pipes, and fix any problems thus identified. 

At Drain Cleaning Services are offering services in “closed circuit camera investigation” of underground sewer lines, where we mount a hi-res camera on a flexible wire and thread it through pipes to see them on the inside. 

If a problem is identified and located, we can remove smaller blockages by sending water down the pipe with high pressure (hydro-jetting) and remove root balls with the help of the rooter machine.

If the inspection reveals any crack, gap or breakage, we use resin to reline and repair the damaged pipe. And did we mention we do all this without disruption? It’s called trenchless for a reason – think of it as keyhole surgery for your sewers. 

So if you’re in the Parma, Ohio region and want non-disruptive, economical and hassle-free repair/ maintenance services for your problematic sewers, call us!

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