For the unexpected times when your drains refuse to function properly and the toilets backup, call Drain Cleaning Solutions for your sewer repair needs. We are able to resolve these problems quickly, without creating major inconvenience and downtime for our customers in the process. We take into account the age of your sewer system and its materials when we conduct our repairs, ensuring that our solutions will address the problem completely and ensure that the problem is fixed accordingly.

Our confidence stems from the years of experience in answering the plumbing needs of home and business owners in the Elyria area. Our familiarity with the area allows us to quickly solve problems efficiently and offer the best solutions. At Drain Cleaning Solutions, we invest in advanced, innovative technology in order to make our repairs the best in the industry. Our work is renowned for its speed and accuracy, and we promise all of our customer’s high quality work and careful attention to detail. 

Our advancements in trenchless technology make our trenchless sewer repair processes more than just effective solutions for solving pipeline problems. With our trenchless-based methods, we are able to offer our customers services that are minimally invasive and eco-friendly, promoting an awareness and passion for treating each customer’s property with care and consideration. We strive to keep our services as non-destructive as possible in order to save our customer’s time and money from being spent on additional repair and outside costs.

Our trenchless sewer repair services revolve around sewer camera inspections that allow us to identify the exact problem in your pipes at a quick pace. Our cameras are high-quality, allowing us to easily inspect the footage recorded of the inside of your pipes and identify issues. While we look for obvious issues, such as clogs and breaks in the pipes, our technicians are also trained to look for corrosion based on the age of the pipe or the material it was created from. Taking all of these facts into account, we are able to recommend the best solution and guarantee long-term results.

The majority of sewer malfunctions can be fixed by installing a pipe within a pipe in a process called trenchless pipe lining, in which a tube filled with epoxy resin is inserted into the pipe that needs to be repaired. The resin is inflated to coat the inner walls of the pipe before it is steam blown for a couple of hours, allowing it to cure and harden into the new pipe. For pipes that are severely damaged or collapsed, we offer pipe bursting as the best solution. We burst the old pipe with a machine that pulls the new pipe behind it, allowing the new pipe to take the place of the old one as it is fractured apart. Both of these sewer repair processes are minimally invasive to your property, allowing our technicians to leave the job site as they found it before the repair job. 

At Drain Cleaning Solutions, we have innovative solutions to all of your sewer line troubles. No matter what the issue is, our technicians will be able to fix it. Call Drain Cleaning Solutions for more information and we will be happy to assist you.

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