For too long, homeowners have ignored their sewer systems. Out of sight and out of mind until something went wrong, the damage was often severe and expensive. But with sewer camera inspections, lots of time and money can be saved on repairs by exposing faulty pipelines and clogs before they fester for too long. As a result, sewer camera inspections should be on the “must-do” maintenance list of every homeowner. The importance of keeping the sewers running underground clean and clear cannot be over emphasized. Rather than being thought of as an added expense, sewer camera inspections should be considered a means to save more money.

When drains get blocked, there is so much that can go wrong. Aboveground, there is the unpleasant reflux of drain water. In a kitchen or bathroom, this means a lot of time spent cleaning the floors and things placed on the floor. Meanwhile, flooding in a basement can critically damage the flooring, the drywall, the appliances, furniture and anything else stored there. Without sewer camera inspections to expose the signs of problems before they cause accidents, residents are faced with the expense and effort of replacing flooring and drywall and of having to throw away important items stored in the basement. They could also be faced with medical bills by exposing themselves to mold and mildew than can grow in the furniture contaminated with sewer water. Sewer flooding in a business setting spells absolute disaster for the owner. The loss of inventory, and time and cost involved in fixing the problem and making the premises welcoming for customers is tremendous. Older and weak pipes can’t resist the pressure of a blocked drain and may possibly collapse, but sewer camera inspections can reveal to technicians the quality and age of a pipe and perform a lining to renew it before these collapses occur and require extensive repairs.

Property flooded with sewage whether inside or outdoors can damage the foundations of a home and weaken the structure. This is not only dangerous for the residents, but it also drastically reduces the value of the house and increases the risk of liability in case of a sale. While some may consider drain-cleaning solutions a quick and easy way to keeping drains clean, they in fact can lead to bigger problems as the harsh chemical makeup of the solution can damage the plumbing.

It is advisable to set aside a budget for periodic sewer camera inspections as this can lead to much bigger savings down the road. If you are in the Parma Ohio region, give Drain Cleaning Solutions a call. We are a family-owned business with over 24 years’ combined experience. With top-class, affordable sewer camera inspections and drain cleaning services, we’ll keep your pipes clean and clear without any disruption to your property or routine. You can rest assured that with this one timely service, you are saving yourself a lot of money and inconvenience.

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