We’ve all been there…

That frustrating slow drain of the tub or sink. Your standing in the shower and you notice the tub is filling up with water? It’s a slippery situation as you work to get the water to go down. Arghh.. What have I done to anger the plumbing gods? DCS is here to save the day, we’ve compiled a list of our top five simple solutions that will get you some temporary relief or may even solve your problem for good. If none of these solutions work, then you better give us a call and we’ll bring out the big guns. 216-659-7582

Top 5 Hacks To Unclog A Drain

5. Bent Wire Hanger Trick

This is a simple solution that works best in the bathtub or shower for hair clogs. What you are trying to do is dislodge any hair or gunk and pull it out of the drain. Be careful not to scratch your flange or force the wire too hard down the pipe as you can damage the trap if its old or fragile. Straighten out the wire and then make a small hook at the end. Keep running it up and down the sides of the drain trying to hook any gunk or hair that may be clogging your drain.

4. Clear That Trap
Remove and clear the trap. This is a great solution when the trap is easily accessible and the clog is localized to one drain. This is a common culprit because it tends to allow for a buildup of dirt or grease due to the design. Luckily for us, its an easy fix. Just remove loosen the two slip joint nuts and slip the “J” bend out. Make sure you have a rag or bucket to empty the water and gunk.

3. Boiling Hot Water
*WARNING* Don’t use this technique on a porcelain sink bowl as it can crack. Also on PVC drains, it may loosen your joints. Also boiling hot water is … well hot. So be careful when pouring into your sink.
This method works best on kitchen sinks as they are usually clogged by organic matter and fats. The boiling hot water works because it can liquify the fats and allow them to spread down the drain further. Now this won’t clear your pipes completely but it should help clear a clog if its mostly from cooking fats. If it continues you may need your pipes professionally cleaned to remove those fats from the pipe linings.
For prevention in the future. Never wash fats from cooking down your sink drain. Allow them to cool and harden before disposing in your trash.

2. Reverse Volcano
Remember that science project you did as a kid. The one where you put baking soda in a volcano and then added a little vinegar to make it erupt. Same principal here. This one works best on stopped drains in a kitchen or bath but not a toilet or anything with standing water. You may need to wait until the water is gone from the basin. Then add about a half a box of baking soda to the drain. Then pour a half a cup of vinegar and then plug the drain with a rag or stopper. The idea is the pressure will push down towards the clog and clear it. Wait about a half hour and then follow up with the boiling hot water trick.

1. Good old fashion Plunger
Another simple yet effective option is to use an old fashioned plunger. These are the tried and true tools every homeowner should have in there plumbing arsenal. They work on just about every type of drain and are great for clearing localized clogs. They have a few different types these days but they all operate on the same principal. Make sure that the plunger portion is completely submerged. Then do a push/pull on the plunger to apply force to the clog via the water pressure. You want to try and keep the seal while you do this to ensure you are applying maximum pressure.

Remember that these are all simple tricks to try and help with a minor plumbing issue. Sometimes these are symptoms of a larger problem and you’ll need to get some professional help. We would love to be your go to plumber when bigger problems arise and you need a plumber you can trust. We stay on top of the latest advancements in plumbing and make sure that we are performing the best solution to solve your problem. A great example of this is our latest “Trenchless” system that allows us to repair your sewer drain without digging up your yard. You can read more about it here.

Thanks for reading and make sure to call DCS for any plumbing needs for in Parma or the Greater Cleveland Area. 216-659-7582

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