Extra charges are never fun. When you come across a situation where you need to get something fixed but you don’t have a lot of knowledge of the problem it can be cause for big anxiety. You don’t want to get overcharged but you want the job done right. It is easy to believe businesses who boast of their great materials, plumbers, and services. But if there are a ton of extra charges it makes the whole experience a lot more unpleasant.

Drain Cleaning Service receives rave reviews from its customers and one of their biggest compliments is that they don’t add the usual extra charges other companies quote. They come highly recommended by being professional, prompt, knowledgeable and clean.

A family-owned and operated business that does not charge an arm and a leg exists for one reason. The innovative and advanced trenchless sewer pipe repair.

What are the benefits of offering trenchless sewer pipe lining?


Homes and businesses often have inconvenient locations of their pipes, and this makes total sense. But to be able to fix the problem without uprooting a family or a business is the way to go. Trenchless repair only requires one or two small holes to be dug to reach the sewer lines

Less expensive

Avoid charges that are unnecessary or plumbers who are looking to drain your checking account. Less labor means less money.


No large trench digging means a faster repair for the customer. No one wants a team of workers in and out of their home for weeks and weeks.

Higher quality

Trenchless pipe repairs use liners or seamless polyethylene piping, both of which are better quality. Therefore, these will last longer so once you fix those pesky problems they will last at least 50 years. It will not corrode or rest in rain.

Better Function

In addition to the fact that these will last longer, trenchless pipe repairs and replacements can improve the function of the sewer. As if it couldn’t get any better, these repairs will improve the overall function. Pipe liners can increase flow capacity and new piping using trenchless methods can be larger than other pipes, adding more flow capacity as well.

Better Plumbing in Your Business

If you only have a leak and you do not want to replace the entire sewer system then trenchless sewer pipe repair offers yet another advantage. It has the structural strength of new popes. The finished project withstands further corrosion, and eliminates future needs of complete excavation.

At Drain Cleaning Service, they place a substantial focus on customer service and professionalism. Further, our cutting edge equipment ensures that little to no destruction is involved with the piping systems, as well as the surrounding areas. You will receive fast responses to your questions, and you will receive stellar work that will allow you to live worry free in your home for many years after the fact. Their most important guarantee is that they are 1 of 4 companies in the area that offer trenchless sewer lining.

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