Imagine this scene: The holiday music is playing, a fire is going, and you’re bringing the appetizers out to entertain your family and friends when a guest comes out of the bathroom to tell you that it’s flooding uncontrollably.

Winter is coming, and the last thing you want is to be dealing with a plumbing emergency instead of relaxing and enjoying the festivities of the season. The good news is that most plumbing emergencies can be avoided by having an expert plumber perform regular check-ups and maintenance at your property. In fact, most plumbing emergencies are due to negligence.

Avoid the headache and hassle this holiday season and protect yourself with a sewer camera inspection now, before the cold sets in. Cold winter temperatures that cause pipes to expand and contract are often to blame for breakage that leads to flooding and property damage.

Checking on your pipes to make sure they are in top condition, especially if you suspect you may already have a leak or a plumbing issue, can be the difference between ruined plans and seasonal bliss this winter.

To protect yourself, you can find out now if you have leaking pipes via a simple underground sewer camera inspection. Sewer camera inspection is a quick and easy process that involves inserting a small high resolution camera into the sewer line via an access point on your property to examine the conditions inside.

Depending on the length of the pipeline, the camera may be manually inserted on a flexible rod or mounted on a motorized tractor and driven through the pipe. Once the camera and a powerful light are inside the sewer line, they allow the plumber to locate and diagnose any issues, including existing breaks and cracks.

The camera shows the plumber what is moving through the pipes, how they are functioning, and offers the option to record for future reference. From there, if the technician finds that you have an existing or potential issue, your repair options will be discussed. The sooner a problem is diagnosed, the cheaper the repair.

Signs of existing leaks include water damage to the ceiling, walls, or floors, high water bills, odor, mold or mildew, and a meter reading that indicates a leak. If you have been ignoring a potential issue, now is the time to address it because it could lead to a burst pipe in the cold.

Even if your pipes seem to be running smoothly, sewer camera inspection is always beneficial. Opting for a sewer camera inspection is a smart move for a homeowner. Worst case scenario: you will have identified and corrected serious plumbing issues before they cost you thousands of dollars this winter. Best case scenario: you will have performed essential regular maintenance and you can rest easy knowing your home is healthy and safe.

Sewer camera inspection can save you time, money, and frustration. Ohio winters tend to bring unpredictable weather and quickly go between freeze and thaw, which can wreak havoc on weak pipes. Avoid an emergency and book a sewer camera inspection before it’s too late.

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