Basement Flooding

“Heavy rains cause basement flooding in Parma Heights and surrounding neighborhoods” We have all seen this on the news in recent months. Drain Cleaning Solutions can help prevent your basement from flooding in the future. We can install a back water valve. What is a backwater valve? Let us explain: Read more…

Grease Buildup, Hair, and the Source of other Drain Clogs in Your Cleveland Home’s Pipes

While our sewer line and pipes beneath our homes are not visible to us on a day-to-day basis, we are at least able to know what is going down those pipes every day. It seems like an easy task to just wash something down the drain or flush it away and then forget about it, but what we might not realize or care to think about at that very moment is the long-term effects this could have on our pipes’ functionality.


How We Clean Drains and Why it’s Important in Your Cleveland Home

Most homeowners agree that regular home maintenance tasks or repairs are hugely important. Superficial tasks such as landscaping, cleaning, and repainting the house, as well as more internal jobs like repairing roofing or having the chimney cleaned, are often regarded as vital to the health of the building, as well as maintaining your personal happiness. Often ignored, however, is the pipelines – at least until you have an emergency on your hands.


With Winter Around the Corner, Find Out if You Have LeakyPpipes with a Sewer Camera Inspection

Imagine this scene: The holiday music is playing, a fire is going, and you’re bringing the appetizers out to entertain your family and friends when a guest comes out of the bathroom to tell you that it’s flooding uncontrollably.

Winter is coming, and the last thing you want is to be dealing with a plumbing emergency instead of relaxing and enjoying the festivities of the season. The good news is that most plumbing emergencies can be avoided by having an expert plumber perform regular check-ups and maintenance at your property. In fact, most plumbing emergencies are due to negligence.


Don’t Get Dirty When You Shower; Clean Those Dirty Old Drains

It’s difficult when you must endure stopped up drains while you are taking a shower. You end up standing in a pool of dirty bathwater and have clean up after you step out of the tub. Stop taking multiple baths due to clogged up drains in your bathroom. There is a better solution out there from your local plumbing experts at Drain Cleaning Solutions in Parma, Ohio.


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