Though it may not look like it, drain lines and sewer pipes are an important part of your home. This home feature is designed to transport the waste from your household to the municipal treatment system. A non-functioning drain or pipe brings about an unmitigated disaster and may even put you or your family’s health at risk. The constant wear and tear on the drains and toilets will eventually cause a break. Because of this, it’s crucial that the pipes in your homes are regularly checked for possible issues.

CCTV inspections using the latest technology can prevent emergencies from occurring. Trenchless sewer camera inspections will only require a small access point or an accessible cleanout to be successful. A closed-circuit camera is attached to a long, flexible rod and fed down the line to serve as our eyes.

At Drain Cleaning Solutions, we recommend having an annual sewer camera inspection if your house is at least 10 years old or younger. Because most of the sewer lines are buried deep underground there’s no way of knowing if there’s a developing problem or not. While sewer line problems will come up regardless of whether or not your home is new or old, the risks are increased with age, so regular drain inspections can keep your home safe as it ages. There are various reasons why having an inspection done annually is important, including:

It Helps You Save Time

Clogging and leaks are pipeline issues that build up over the course of time. One day your bathroom drains may be working, and the next day it could be backing up and cause flooding. A timely inspection only requires a few hours of your day, which is better when compared to having a whole day ruined by sewer line emergencies.

It Saves You Money

Here at Drain Cleaning Solutions, we believe that prevention is the best solution. You should never wait until mold starts appearing within the walls, or when structural damage becomes apparent before contacting a qualified technician. The newest sewer camera inspection technology can reveal the exact cause of what’s ailing your sewer lines, from cracks to holes and improperly installed pipes. Inspections go a long way and save you thousands of dollars in property value and pipeline repairs.

Avoid Pipeline Issues

Yearly inspections are much more than just checking your sewer line for clogs and organic buildup. Our professional technicians also check your home’s structure to ensure that the system is healthy as a whole. Even the smallest problems like leaks and slow drains cause headaches and disruption when alone. For your peace of mind, a drain inspection sets your mind at ease and lets you focus on the more important things in life.

At the slightest hint of drain problems, you shouldn’t hesitate to call the experts, especially if you’ve never had an inspection before. A slow-draining or sluggish toilet can mean clogs that may affect the entire sewer line one day. Even if your sewer line is in tip-top shape, the inspection provides valuable data, like mapping the entire system, and you’ll have backup references for future repairs. Call Drain Cleaning Solutions to learn more about how drain inspections can help your home stay in prime shape!

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