There are several culprits associated with drain clogs and blockage. Most of the time, homeowners are causing harm to their own plumbing systems and not even realizing it. Yet any time that you add a greasy pan to you sink while washing dishes or send one too many flushable wipes down the toilet, you are causing your plumbing and sewer pipes to back up. While these and other similar instances are often the reason for pipe repairs, there are some instances where your pipes may be blocked by outside sources.

Cleveland Officers Rescue a Dog from Sewer Grate

In August 2016, Edna Sutton’s small dog Daphne fell into a sewer grate and had to be rescued by local law enforcement. The officer, Sean Smith, wore a body camera as he was lowered into the city’s sewer to bring the dog back to safety. The video, which is available to view online, shows that practically anything can end up in the city’s sewer system. Fortunately, the small dog Daphne, who is blind, was reunited with Sutton who relies on a wheelchair and has owned the dog for nearly 20 years.

While you won’t have to worry about small terrier dogs ending up in your pipes, there are many other things of nature that can cause blockage to your plumbing and sewer system, including rodents, debris, and tree roots.

How to Keep Your Kitchen and Bathroom Pipes Clean

There are several things that homeowners can do to prevent clogs from forming in their pipes and stopping up their drains. First, try to remove as many food particles and grease from your dishes as you can before you place them in the sink to wash, and never pour used cooking oil down the drain. Once the oil cools, it becomes thicker, and causes the grease to build up inside your pipes.

If your drains tend to clog often, you may want to purchase toilet paper that is septic safe and easier to break down inside your pipes. And if you use flushable wipes, only use the recommended amount which is usually no more than two per flush.

The best thing that you can do to ensure that your drains stay clean and clog-free is to hire a professional team of plumbers to clean your pipe system thoroughly. Using plumbing tools such as professional sewer jetting and sewer camera inspection, the team here at Drain Cleaning Solutions can remove all types of debris from your lines and view the inside of your system to detect any additional concerns that could cause you problems in the future.

Clean and Clear Drains

DCS-Drain Cleaning Services also offers high-quality trenchless sewer repairs which means if there is a problem such as cracks or corrosion in the lines, we can install a brand-new lining inside your current pipe system that will help it operate as it should.

Contact DCS today to learn more about our drain cleaning and inspection services. We may be reached at (216) 925-4507 or on our website using the simple contact form.

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