Between little league games, deadlines at work and spending quality time with your family, there’s hardly enough hours in the day to keep the house clean, let alone make updates and appointments. One simple home task that can’t be overlooked, however, is the importance of getting your drain cleaned. Even if you take precautions against clogs, like cleaning your sink with baking soda and vinegar, regular drain cleanings can prevent larger issues that can’t be solved with home remedies.

Reasons to Call A Professional Drain Cleaner

  1. Lime Scale:  If your pipes are exposed to hard water, the magnesium and calcium will create a lime scale mineral deposit over time. If left untreated, the lime scale build up will restrict the flow of water through the pipe, similar to a clog. Limescale can be difficult to remove once it is built up, so regular cleanings are crucial to preventing this.
  2. Clogs: Over time, waste builds up in your pipes and can restrict your water flow. Even if you perform home drain cleaning remedies, you may just be reaching the surface of the clog. If you notice that your drains are draining more slowly than normal or your water pressure is low, there may already be a clog forming in the pipe that only a drain cleaning can fix.
  3. Tree Roots: If you notice constant clogging or water leakage, you may have a tree root infiltration. Tree roots creep in the joint of the pipe and and expand until the pipe bursts. A drain cleaning will detect the infiltration before further damage is caused.

If your plumbing issue is larger than clogged hair, don’t try to tackle the problem yourself. Trying to diagnose a problem yourself can cost you money in the long run. A plumber can quickly find the problem and create a solution faster and more effectively. In addition to self-diagnosing, you should never do is use Drano. Not only are chemicals harsh for you to handle, but it can ruin drain pipes and the equipment used to clear the stoppage.

The biggest benefit of calling a professional drain cleaner, like Drain Cleaning Solutions, is getting an accurate diagnosis with a sewer camera. At Drain Cleaning Solutions, we insert a tiny closed-circuit camera into the pipe, so we can determine the condition of the pipe without digging up your property.

Once diagnosed, if the issue is a build up of some kind then we will flush the debris away with pressurized water or air. If the blockage is more serious however, such as a tree root infiltration or cracked pipe, we offer a trenchless repair that is more cost effective than traditional pipe repairs.

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