Have you noticed any changes in how water drains in your property? It’s normal to deal with these issues, but if you don’t know what to look for you can let things go unchecked for too long. That’s why we recommend you hire a plumbing team to diagnose the problem.

Here are the most common signs you need a sewer camera inspection.

Slow drains

A slow drain can be an early warning sign of a pipe blockage that may eventually become a full sewer line backup.

Bad odors

If a sink, tub or toilet is emitting noticeable sewage odors, this is a telltale sign of a sewer problem.

Mold growth

Mold spores can take advantage of just about any moisture or humidity to start growing. Mold growth accompanied by sewer odor may indicate a break in a sewer line behind the walls.

Lush grass growth

Sewage is a fertilizer for vegetation, so a leaky sewer line will often result in especially vibrant, healthy-looking plant growth around the broken pipe.

Soggy yard

Leaky pipes result in a lot of water soaking into the ground. Patches of wet or sodden grass, even if it hasn’t rained recently, are usually a sign of a leak or break in pipes.

Fixing Sewer Problems

Video camera sewer inspections are an innovative, high-tech plumbing tool that may leave homeowners asking, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”

Specialized video camera and recording equipment gives your friendly neighborhood plumbing experts the superpower of X-ray vision. Plumbers rely on this technology to detect the source of problems in a sewer line, then recommend the most affordable solution.

Video sewer camera inspections are effective because they’re:

  • Non-intrusive – Video cameras allow plumbers to locate the source of the problem with no digging, even when pipes are located behind walls or underground.
  • Flexible – The waterproof cameras used in a video plumbing inspection are tiny, and are specially designed to fit around tight corners and inside small-diameter pipes.
  • Quick and easy – Video inspection is the most effective way to pinpoint the nature and location of a sewer problem, and can also be used to diagnose the overall health of a sewer system. This method is a much easier way to determine trouble because it eliminates the guesswork from plumbing.

As the plumber guides the camera through the sewer line, it records a video feed that shows the real-time health of the pipe system. This allows him to assess the situation and make note of any current damage or imminent threats.

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