In May 2015 a dozen goslings somehow got trapped in a City of Parma storm drain in a shopping district. A woman heard the sounds of the lost goslings down the sewers and called the fire department for help. Following the sound of the scared birds, a firefighter went down the sewer and rescued the animals, reuniting them with her mother.

Most likely, if you ever have pipe problems, it won’t involve wildlife. However, it is always a good idea to pay attention to the sounds you hear coming from your drains. This is especially true if your home or business lateral lines are from older construction projects. Older sewer pipes are made from cast iron, clay or ceramic materials. These are prone to damage simply due to their age and construction materials.

There are common symptoms to watch for that will give you a hint that there is something clogging your pipes. The usual first sign is bad smells coming from any of the drain sites in your home and pooling of water in a tub, sink or shower. Next, comes slow draining in the storm sewer, shower or sink.

While these signs are likely indicators of a blockage, there is no real way of knowing how serious it is until our plumbing team arrives. At Drain Cleaning Solutions we can conduct a camera inspection to locate and identify what the blockage is inside your pipes.

Accurate Plumbing Diagnosis with a Sewer Inspection

A sewer camera inspection will give us accurate information about the condition of your pipes long before an issue develops. However, that’s not typically how it works when you are a plumber. Homeowners and business operators contact us only after something has happened to their water or sewer drainage. Still, a visual inspection is useful as a preventive measure and as a diagnostic tool.

The process begins by inserting a tiny closed-circuit camera inserted inside the pipe. This way, we can see the condition of your pipe without digging, which will cost you more money. Our method saves you money.

In addition, if the clog results in a build up of some kind—grease, leaves or debris—we can flush it away quickly with pressurized water or air. More serious blockages, from tree roots as an example, will require a different trenchless repair. Regardless, if your pipe has to be replaced, our Drain Cleaning Solutions team of experts can discuss lining or pipe bursting options with you.


Contact us at Drain Cleaning Solutions to be sure about the condition of your sewer or storm drains. We can perform a camera inspection to accurately diagnose the problem. We only need to dig an access hole at one end of your line to insert the video equipment. The results will put your mind at ease and possibly save you a lot of money on costly repairs in the future. We are rated 4.8 stars on Home Advisor, and we earned the Elite Service Professional badge, thanks to our happy customers.

To book your video inspection appointment with Drain Cleaning Solutions in Parma, call us today at (216) 659-7582.

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