Lakewood, Ohio is home to over 50,000 people. The many homes, business, and government entities in this community work together to maintain a healthy and functional sewer system for everyone.This isn’t always easy to coordinate, and a major repair for one property can affect many others.

No one wants to face a major sewer repair, but it’s important to keep sewers functioning for the health and safety of your family and community and the structural integrity of your home. Sewer repair can be efficient and affordable, and you should take steps today to repair any damages to your home or business.

Unfortunately, most sewer repairs cannot be put off. Any delay in repair can cause increased damage or complete breakdown. Quick repairs and preventative efforts are your best bet.

Our Sewer Repair Service

Trenchless technology allows us at Drain Cleaning Solutions to provide exactly that. Trenchless technology is a modern method of sewer repair that allows plumbing technicians to forgo destructive trench digging and avoid a lot of the wasted time and property damage that are usually associated with trench digging.

Trenchless repairs rely on two access holes in order to inspect, clean, and repair your sewage system. Each of these processes is vital to a functioning sewage system. A camera will be inserted for an initial inspection of your sewer system. This camera can navigate your entire system and provide a full inspection of your system from above ground. Based on the damages assessed, Drain Cleaning Solutions will recommend the appropriate trenchless sewer repair options for your system.

A proper cleaning will remove any blockages, corrosion, or intrusions. Pipes that are revealed to be leaky or cracked can be relined using the most common and affordable trenchless sewer option.

Relining allows plumbing technicians to repair your sewers by sealing the inside of your pipes with a quick-drying resin. Your original pipes remain, but they are coated to seal off leaks and prevent further corrosion. This is not only highly effective repair option, but a great preventative measure if regularly conducted.

Sewer pipes experiencing heavy damage are also eligible for trenchless sewer repair. New pipes can be guided through your existing system. They will cause your old pipes to be ground up or bursted and settle in where you old sewage system stood before. This method of pipe bursting allows for a full sewer repair with the amazing time and cost savings of trenchless technology.

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If you live in the Lakewood area, and you are in need of any minor or major sewer repairs or cleaning, don’t hesitate to call Drain Cleaning Solutions. We won’t destroy your property, drain your bank account, or waste your time, but we will efficiently repair and clean your sewers. With years of experience and the latest in sewer repair technology, Drain Cleaning Solutions has all of the tools that you need for a quality repair. Don’t wait for an emergency. Call today for any big or small sewer problems, and we’ll get you the repair that’s right for you.

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