Sometimes a sewer repair is the start of a bigger issue developing. In Parma, for example, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NORSD) started collecting a ‘stormwater fee’ in September 2016. The purpose of the extra expense on quarterly sewer bills is to help finance a project officials expect will take five years to complete. The project is not directly connected to repairing municipal sewer lines, but is considered preventive maintenance in nature.

The goal of this fee is to collect $42-million dollars annually, which will be used to repair hillsides and riverbeds that are suffering from erosion. Plus, debris will also be cleared away in an effort to keep the dirt and rocks from collecting and creating blockages of storm drain culverts, dams and other water courses.

In the end, the NORSD expects to clean up the region to prevent flooding from occurring any more than it already does. When an area floods, it causes storm drains to back up, and sometimes it may even result in sewers backing up through the municipal system and creating blockages for homeowners and business operators.

How We Prevent You From Having Sewer Problems

At Drain Cleaning Solutions, we are big on preventive maintenance. However, since we are in the plumbing business, we get calls for help usually after a problem has developed. That’s never a problem for us because we have several sewer repair options available to you. But before we start on any of them we need to first diagnose the problem and put together a game plan for the repair.

Sewer Pipe Inspection

Using close-circuit video we will be able to assess what damage has been caused and the precise location of it from within the pipes. It is a form of trenchless technology we use because it is less costly for you and we don’t end up digging a long trench from your house to the street. The camera inside the pipe tells us all we need to know and we only need a small hole to the pipe connection to do that.

Once we identify the problem, which will be either a build up of organic material or a break causing a leak, we will be able to discuss options with you. Pipe lining or bursting are the two most common repairs for broken pipes where pressurized air or water would be used to break up and move a clog. However, not all clogs or breaks result from something happening from your end of the pipes.

If your home or business sewer or drain lines appear to be acting differently than what you have experienced normally, contact us at Drain Cleaning Solutions. Sometimes the problem is not originating from your pipes, but could still create damage within your system. To be sure, give our plumbing team at Drain Cleaning Solutions a call to investigate further. We will conduct a camera inspection to see what exactly is going on inside your pipes and work on solutions from there. For sewer repair work in Parma call us today at (216) 659-7582.

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