Sewer pipes eventually clog up with all the debris, wastewater, food and everyday items that go down the sink, drain and toilet. Pipes spring a leak, get invaded by tree roots, or become misaligned due to soil movement.

The answer? DCS recommends a trenchless sewer repair. Don’t wait until your sewer problems progresses into backflow situations, which can cause water damage, flooding and the pollution of your water supply. For this reason it’s important for homeowners to keep an eye out on their plumbing system for overall health and well-being.

DCS can turn the state of your current plumbing around and future-proof it for you!

The Process of Repair a Sewer Pipe

We start by attaching an advanced CCTV camera onto a flexible fiber optic line for a sewer inspection. This method is called “trenchless” because there’s virtually no digging involved.

Our high resolution camera records each inch of your pipe as we navigate the bends and turns. The end result is an accurate diagnosis of what’s wrong with your sewer pipes. The resulting footage is uploaded, and can be stored in a thumb drive for later use. A transmitter is attached at the camera’s head so our technicians know where the exact location of your sewer problem lies.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

There’s a lot of unnecessary guesswork when traditional sewer inspection methods are used. DCS has adapted to the latest trenchless technology to make our customers’ life easier when it comes to sewer repair and replacement.

Our expert trenchless sewer repair Lakewood, Ohio plumbers just need a few state of the art equipment, and a few hours to complete the trenchless repair.

CIPP is an innovative trenchless process that can be completed with just one small access point. A liner coated with special epoxy resin is placed where the problem pipe is and then inflated with an artificial bladder. Trenchless repair can cover any pipe material- cast iron, concrete, PVC or orangeburg. Once cured, the liner sticks to the inside of the pipe and forms a stronger, more durable pipe.

You get the following benefits:


  • The new pipe is highly resistant against corrosion and pipe rusting.
  • The jointless feature eliminates future leaking.
  • There’s virtually no danger of soil movement damaging your new pipe.
  • Flow improves and are resistant against calcification.
  • The material is eco-friendly and non-hazardous.

Why is traditional sewer repair much more expensive than trenchless technology?

Because traditional repairs need heavy machinery and more manpower to dig up your yard in an effort to locate the sewer line problem. You’ll also need to hire a contractor to put your landscape back together. Trenchless technology is a no-dig solution that’s cost-efficient and saves homeowners precious time to do more important things.

You’ll be able to use your plumbing after just a few hours. Your landscape is left as it is. You can carry on your daily tasks knowing that your sewer system is in much better shape. The new pipes are expected to last 50 or more years with proper use and maintenance.

Call us today to get started. We provide the best trenchless services for our customers in Lakewood, Ohio!

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