In Parma, OH, drain cleaning is a normal seasonal activity. Over time, and depending on your annual use, grease, oils and waste can sometimes become trapped along the walls of the interior of a sewer pipe. At Drain Cleaning Solutions we have the tools to fix these problems before they become more serious and result in costly repairs.

The symptoms to watch for that will clue you in to the fact that you may have a blockage of some kind developing include slow draining of sinks or bathtubs, water pooling in the shower or unusual odors coming from a drain source. When you notice any of these signs, contact us at Drain Cleaning Solutions to remedy the situation.

We will visit your home or business and conduct a complete examination of the pipes leaving the building. The way we do this is through a camera inspection. This is one of many forms of trenchless technology we use for Parma residents for drain cleaning analysis. The trenchless part comes from only requiring one small hole to access a pipe to insert the miniature closed-circuit camera.

What the sewer camera inspection does is it gives us a view of what is going on in your pipe line from the inside. It could be a tree trunk creating a blockage or a buildup of organic material. Whatever it turns out to be, our plumbers at Drain Cleaning Solutions can flush the problem away using pressurized water or air. The best part is that we won’t be digging a huge trench in your yard with heavy equipment—which makes this an affordable fix for you.

Depending on where you live in Parma, your home or business sewer line may be connected to an older municipal line. Having us come by your home or business to conduct a camera inspection of your drain lines is just good preventative maintenance–especially if you have never had them inspected from the inside out before.

For example, the old sewer system in Parma resulted in 2,189 residents contacting the City Utility Department in 2010 with complaints of backups in their sewer lines or storm drains. Officials stated at the time that in some places, cameras could not get through the entire municipal sewer system. In fact, one county engineer described the conditions where some laterals were 90-percent clogged with debris. This inspection led to a major upgrade of sewer lines throughout the city. Cuyahoga County engineers started a program in 2010 of clearing out municipal drains when it was discovered that grease from area restaurants was clogging sewer lines to the point where they needed replacement.

You can avoid this from happening to you by taking action before you need to. Even if your drainage or sewer lines are relatively new a camera inspection is a good investment where you will have a clear idea of the condition of your system. All you have to do is contact us at Drain Cleaning Solutions for more information. We will inspect your lines with a camera and recommend the proper cleaning solution. Call Drain Cleaning Solutions today at (216) 659-7582.

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