Sewer Camera Inspection is always a good idea.

Whether you’re fixing an existing problem, preventing a future problem by regular maintenance or even having plumbing inspected before a property purchase, the ease and convenience of trenchless work is matchless, and made possible with the help of underground camera inspection.

Trained technicians from a plumbing services company perform the Sewage Camera Inspection. They send a camera down the sewer to inspect the conditions inside. If the pipeline is long, a hi-resolution camera, mounted on a motorized “tractor” is “driven” through the sewers, with the help of a remote control above ground. Bright LED lights attached along with the camera help with visibility. Once the inspection is over, the tractor “reverses” out of the pipes to a point it can be pulled up and out from.

However, for smaller pipe length, a flexible pipe is sent through the sewers with a hi-resolution camera and a small, powerful light attached.

While underground, the camera shows the aboveground technician what it is passing through, and this helps the plumber figure out if the problem is domestic waste or root balls, if the pipe itself has developed cracks or maybe even collapsed altogether. The plumber then locates the exact problem spot with the help of the underground camera’s location and digs down to fix the problem.

There is an option to record the video transmitted for future reference as well, or to guide a future trenchless pipe repair project, saving you money and time with Drain Cleaning Solutions professional services. Sewer Camera Inspection is an economical task that helps in keeping your house safe and clean, and the sewers functioning as they should be.

This inspection should have high-priority on the list of everyone looking to purchase a house as the condition of the sewage pipes is a very important factor in determining the value and health of your future purchase.

If you are in the Parma, Ohio region give us folks at Drain Cleaning Solution a call for quick, trouble-free and economical sewer camera inspection.

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